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Ernie from Big Springs...

Ernie:  Cur Mix. Black & White. Young Adult.  Microchipped, Rabies. Not much info for intake.

Observations: Young, playful male. He adapts well to any environment and causes no problems here.  Is curious about neighbors when let out to exercise but is not aggressive towards them. Very people friendly and intelligent. Learned new name and rescue run routine in less than a day. Was thin on arrival but fattened up quickly. Not sensitive to foods and no know allergies.

Ernie is about 50# and is a beautiful shiny black & white boy.  He loves treats and will dance around when he knows they are coming. Ernie loves attention. Ernie will make a great family dog in an active situation.  He doesn't dig, climb, or destroy anything in his run and housing quarters....he just seems to appreciate being saved. Always seems pleased to see me coming towards him and cuts flips to make sure to get my attention.

Ernie is ready to go!  For more info, call or text 409-457-6495 or email us!

Lucy from Big Springs...

Lucy: bull dog mix. Came in as stray and not much intake info. Microchipped and rabies.  Spayed by DeHart Mobile.  Lucy is beautiful red and white, very muscular. No known allergies, came in skinny but went to eating and is now at a great weight with zero dietary problems.  Young, medium size gal with a very people friendly attitude. Doesn't need cats in the house with her and wants to be an only dog with undivided attention being lavished on her.

Not for the faint hearted. I have dealt with large dogs my whole life and per her size she is quite frankly the strongest pulling dog I have ever had on a leash - and she's a girl! Nothing dampens her spirit and she wants to see everything at once! You can win her over right away with a pocket full of treats!

Ready to go now...if you want a playful companion...she's your girl!

Grouch0 from Big Springs


Groucho: Freckled Heeler/bulldog mix. No intake info. Young/Juvenile. Medium size. Chipped, Rabies, Neutered by Dehart Mobile. Easy going, smart boy. With that eyebrow...he just had to be Groucho Marx! No problems of any kind with him since he has been here.

Groucho is one of the sweetest dogs on the place. Playful, funny, loving. Will make a great family dog. Will be hard to part with this friendly boy but he needs his own family and attention. Treat loving and will be easy to train. Photo does not do him justice..he is a handsome freckled fellow. Come do a meet and greet with Groucho!

Titan from Big Springs

Titan: Terrier/Bull Dog Mix. Young. Came in as a stray with little info.

Friendly, Hugging boy. So cute and beautifully marked. Zero problems and does well with other dogs. He's still puppy. Medium sized boy and would make great family dog...loves attention.

Will update vet status shortly.

Puppies dumped Nov 10, 2017 - in our parking lot!  Sabine County


Day 1 - Above

Day 5 - Below

Dec 2, 2017 Better now....

Now they are ready to go!

7 Puppies dumped on a busy highway! The shop was closed and 2 perished before we were notified.

They were starving and mangy...

Nothing good food and proper treatment wouldn't provide instant relief to their plight!

We have 5 healthy, ready for a home, Lab mix puppies!  They have had a worming every month and 4 sets of puppy shots. They are ready to go!

Bronx from San Antonio....

Pretty rough shape on intake...  Responded well to medicals & food!

Bronx is a senior dog 11+ years is our best guess.  He arrived in terrible shape and whatever his story was he had a hard life. He is battle scarred and weary. He is very people friendly...  Not so much with other dogs. He would need to be with an experienced handler to be introduced to other dogs and even then, I would never leave him unsupervised. It is possible, from the amount of scarring that he was once used in a "fighting dog" capacity. The remaining scars are permanent. 

That said... He gained weight rapidly and shows no sensitivities, looks forward to feeding time. As he gained weight, he slowed down on his gobbling methods.  He was so emaciated when he came that we just let him eat all he wanted. Several of us are guilty for sneaking extra treats and canned food to him.  He responds well to medical treatment and we had zero problems medicating him.  We do have him on Bravecto to keep his skin problems at bay.

Bronx is lonely. He needs a home and some attention. Even though he is welcome here for life...he needs more than an outside run. He needs to spend his final days with someone who loves him and wants to show him affection...he is very people friendly and loves hugs and pettings.  He would need a very sturdy kennel/outside run in order to be left alone. Bronx -despite his age - is a VERY strong boy! He is easy to walk on a leash, pulls some, but could easily be taught leash manners.

Millie....from Nueces


My name is Millie. I am a small -20#- long legged female and classified as a young adult. BMAR is all about large pit bull type dogs so I don't really fit in...but they found a place I could stay while I waited on my forever home - is that you? I am fully vetted with all the good stuff. I was used to teach students at Texas A&M before they sent me to the shelter. I had my blood drawn every day and all my vitals so it makes me used to people and guess what? I am very people friendly. Even though I don't understand where I am at or why, I learn very quickly. I kennel fast and make myself at home where ever they have to switch me to. At least they are keeping me from being EU'd and they give hugs, pats, and treats whenever they can. I will make you a great family dog and I can be taught a new environment really fast. People don't look at me much because I am little (compared to the pits) and I am all red....no markings, but they are making a big mistake. Just look at my face...and I give kisses really good.

Fully vetted.

Zena....from Harris County


Zena  medium size female Fully vetted. Young Adult. Friendly to the point of being exuberant! Good family dog potential and will need a fenced yard and lots of action! She does not jump or dig (so far), easy keeper but very active. Eats a hearty meal with no allergy or sensitivity problems. Needs two feedings per day because of her tendency to have lots of exercise.

Came in as stray. No history before arriving here..

 Very pretty, brindle girl...this is a beautiful dog.

Tillie..... from Brownwood - (puppies listed below)


Tillie wound up in a shelter with 9 puppies. They took very good care of her and sent her to us with her family.

Pups are weaned now...so Tillie is looking for a home! Tillie is a young Catahoula female and she is a knockout in the looks department. Friendly, and smart...she is an easy keeper with no problems noted. She is ready to be your girl. She is a medium sized female and people friendly.

Tillie's Puppies...


8 of these big babies left...all wormed & 2 sets of puppy shots!  Mom is a Catahoula and Dad was a traveling Salesman. These will be medium sized dogs and are very pretty!

Maximus...from Dallas

Maximus arrived a little thin (as a stray this is to be expected) and mangy. Made him look pretty scruffy! He is a medium to large 2 to 3 year old male and has been here for a couple of years. Flea pills took care of his mange, and he is a chow hound so put his weight right back on very easily. 

Despite these friendly pics, Maximus will need an experienced handler. Have not had a problem introducing him to other dogs...but he will not allow himself to be jumped on or accosted. All the dogs in these pics are females and he has not been overly aggressive towards them

Important to note that it takes a while for him to get used to strange men...he is much more receptive to females. But he will make friends with men if given time. In a kennel environment he can appear quite aggressive and jumps at the cage walls...but once let out, he just goes on exercise missions and will kennel right back up on commands. Because of his size and his wary demeanor with strangers, he should not be left loose or unattended. Not for children or rowdy teens. Would make a great companion for someone wanting to spend time with him and needing a little "watch dog" barking for safety.

As you can see from the pics, as soon as his flea allergies cleared up he made a beautiful dog. Very muscled and deep hued red, almost chocolate.

MAC from Harris County


Mac is a youngster and very friendly pup! Maybe 2 years old...neutered and vetted. Ideal family dog and is very striking in appearance. His looks alone should make you want to offer for this good boy. No known problems or allergies. Eats anything and loves attention. Medium sized Mastiff mix and ready to go! 

More updated pics coming soon!

Macy...Nueces County

Macy...female Corgi mix. Her arrival here is a bit unusual. My transporter picked her up from Corpus and transported her to Dallas and the foster would not take her...changed her mind! Man, that's 10 hours of volunteer transport. So the transporter kept her -not willing to take her back to a high kill shelter - and worked with her potty training. Got Macy used to her foster siblings. She's a cute girl, don't have any history on her. Transporter kept her for 3 months but couldn't afford to get her vetted and she had to go have surgery on her arm. So I took Macy for her and have had zero problems. If interested in her, let me know and I will have all of her vet work done.

Two Fat Girls...Sabine County

Cassie & Pud... 2 females about 4 years old. They weigh far too much but are still classified as medium dogs. Overweight "Beasties" they are constantly on a diet! Both are spayed and hw-. I need to update their rabies.  They were brought in together for me to babysit...owner went in to Hospital for surgery and sadly did not make it. So I have had them for 3 years...they were younglings when they came in. They have been together their whole lives and are pals.  Lab mix and cur dog mix. Very Friendly and Happy! Pud is the black Lab mix and does not do well with chickens. They need a home where they can get some attention...ANYBODY out there wanting to be a good hearted rescuer, please think about finding a home for these happy girls.

Penelope...Sabine County

Promise to get better pics....  This is the sole survivor of parvo infected puppies dumped at the entrance to our rescue. People have no shame...we could save only her.  She has a clean bill of health now and is doing well. At first she would not get out of this feed tub of hay...guess it was the only place she felt safe. It's where we first brought the very sick puppies to so we could attempt to medicate and ease the suffering of these precious babies. As she got older, she kept going back to the tub everytime we let her out...it seems to comfort her. Now, she is big and healthy - a hunting breed mix. Alert, playful, eager to please.  She will be spayed Feb 23 and receive the rest of her shots. She will make someone a very grateful lifetime companion and has all the showings of a great family dog.

Sable...Senior...Sabine County

Sable....Senior. 13 year old mixed female. Medium 40#, Her owner passed suddenly and left 3 senior rescues. They had been together their whole lives...living comfortably in a/c on the couch with their devoted mom. No one wants 3 seniors...up steps Barking Mad. Sable is the youngest. We lost Shaggy right away to serious cancer issues. Nasa crossed the rainbow bridge Feb 10th. Sable being the youngest and in great health will be around awhile longer. BUT, she started grieving when the last of her lifetime companions moved on. She was all alone in the vet room (it has a doggie door and securely fenced run so they can come in and out as they please in an a/c & heated room). We can't give her the attention she needs...so we gave her China! Who is just visiting but did the trick. Sable started eating again and wagging again. Sable needs a nice comfy inside home where she can be lavished with affection for the remainder of her years. She is a people dog and being alone at a rescue is no way for her to end her life. She is up to date and can be made ready to go to a forever home asap. Are you the one?