Barking Mad Animal Rescue

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Barking Mad Animal Rescue Capital Campaign 

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The above main facility plans will provide all necessary space to provide care and maintenance for the animals.  16 kennel runs will showcase the dogs that are ready for adoption as well as house all cats. Laundry, Food Prep, vet station, dog meet & greet, cat meet & greet, holding & stray areas for observation, records room, and reception area.

The below add on facility will be used for pregnant, nursing, and puppies.

The above facility will handle our large rescue breeds.  These large breed dogs  arrive in poor condition and require extensive medications and feeding formulas as well as treatment for mange, wounds, and broken bones. 

BMAR also re-trains some of these large dogs for PTSD service dogs to donate to wounded warriors. These canine candidates require a longer stay with us to finish training. 

Above:  This facility will maintain our "lifers." In rare instances certain dogs will remain with us for the life of the dog due to certain behavior traits that do not allow them to be placed in society.  Extreme medical issues may also dictate a long term stay with us. These facilities are termed "maximum security" to prevent accidental escape. But don't worry, they can still be handled by our dedicated and skilled volunteers: going on daily romps through the forest & fields, trained on agility courses, etc.  They will enjoy a quality of life that they deserve. These animals have been abused and taught to fight by unscrupulous people through no fault of their own.  BMAR is dedicated to providing them a better life.


Current facility status

Our current facilities are inadequate. They are impossible to disinfect and disease is a constant worry. Due to wanton dumping of dogs, our quarantine area is overflowing. Plumbing is an endless issue as well as waste disposal. The rescue is overpopulated and lack of space triggers constant stress for the animals. Medical treatment is performed on any surface available. We do not have a laundry, resulting in many trips to town to the laundromat. No medical exam room to screen or treat incoming animals for communicable disease. No records room. No formal meet & greet rooms causing difficulty in providing good customer service.

Dog agility courses and training aids will be in the large exercise areas.

I have read & studied all the right ways to write a donation letter. After long contemplation, I decided to just tell the truth and beg. The truth is, our county does not have a shelter, SPCA, or Humane society. Our county is full of abandoned, dumped, mistreated animals. I am sure all of you at one time or another, have driven by a lost or dumped animal, usually in bad shape. You have seen a neighbor’s chained (in the weather) skinny dog. You have tried to walk your dog and been chased by big dogs allowed to run loose. It is a nuisance and sometimes just plain scary.

Barking Mad Animal Rescue has stepped up to the plate…but is woefully underfunded. BMAR receives no government funding and exists solely on donations. BMAR has no paid employees and is run by volunteers. We currently have over 100 dogs and cats that we house and do all medical work, spay & neuter, and retraining to get them in shape for adoption at great expense.

BMAR receives over 25 calls, emails, and messages every day of the week. More on holidays and tourist season. And we just don’t have room. We take and do what we can…it is not enough. With your help, we could do a lot more. Besides the obvious work we do, (taking in dogs & cats), we also help the elderly with their pet care, place dogs for the ill and/or deceased owners, help with emergencies and stand up for animal rights.

The truth is, we can’t continue much longer without community support and donations. But with your help, we can continue our work AND we can expand! We have the volunteers, we have the will, we have the knowledge. We just don’t have the funding that we need. At this time of year, you have many charities to choose from for your tax write offs. Please consider donating to Barking Mad Animal Rescue. BMAR is a registered charity and you can deduct every penny. BMAR is local and Sabine County directly benefits from our organization. And unlike bigger charities, BMAR provides services that you can see helping in your community and 100% goes directly to the animals! No administrative fees, no expensive dinners, nothing but animal expenses.

BMAR’s goal for 2017 is to bring low cost spay & neuter programs to Sabine County and we are very close to making this happen starting in January 2017. Take a look at our website and facebook pages. You can see our work, our references, our volunteers. Did you know that we have placed over 140 dogs in adoption homes? That’s 140+ dogs of our streets…we can do more with your help. You can mail a check, you can use our website donation feature…but please, consider Barking Mad Animal Rescue for your charitable giving this year. No amount is too small or too large and every dollar is appreciated and put to good use.

Our current facilities are handmade, do not meet regulation, and we don’t have any way to make this an appropriate “real” rescue shelter. We do not have a grooming station, bathtubs, or medication facility. We don’t have laundry facilities. We can’t disinfect properly, and we have no proper quarantine area. Upper respiratory infections or a fatal disease sweeping through our facility is a constant worry. While we are careful, we can’t seem to stop people’s middle of the night dumping of animals at our facilities. And to that end, we are overpopulated and continue to be so because of illegal animal dumping at our rescue. Since there is no county shelter, we have no other recourse but to try to medicate and feed these animals.

To this end, we would like to build a rescue facility that would solve our problems. We have modeled our proposed shelter off of the Humane Society shelter's building plan recommendations. I have attached copies of our proposed facilities with the “add on kennels” that would be necessary to have proper operation in our area. Sabine County has unique needs that large city facilities do not. For instance, we have a large population of “hunting or hog” dog pit/cur mixes that are not prevalent in more incorporated type city environments. These large breed dogs require a different type of care and control than most inner city shelters provide.

We are dedicated to this rescue. My family will survey out 5 acres and donate it exclusively to the rescue and deed it in the non-profit’s name. I own two commercial buildings in Sabine County, both of which have been listed for sale. The one is currently being used for the adoption center and is located at 685 Mann St (hwy 87) in Hemphill. The other is a 6200’ former restaurant on Highway 21. Neither site is suitable for the rescue we are hoping to build. It would cost more to remodel the restaurant into a dog facility than it would to build new. Neither will sell quick, even at the reduced prices, but we are hoping that when they do sell, we will have enough funds to run the rescue for several years. The rescue currently receives $1300 a month in donations that is reliable. The rest is run out of my personal funds which are now depleted. The sale of these two buildings would alleviate the funds concern and allow us time to apply for grants and hopefully get the Sabine County community to participate in fund raising drives.

This plan leaves us to the task at hand of raising the building funds. We have a rough estimate of $550,000 using paid skilled labor and a whole lot of volunteer helper labor. In these times, this is an almost impossible sum to raise.

Sabine County needs this shelter. Yes, we are animal lovers…but that is not the point. Sabine County is growing. We are a retirement community. We have museums and historical sites. Toledo Bend Lake is listed as the top Bass Fishing area. We are a tourist destination. The Chamber of Commerce is gearing up to promote tourism and our area assets. We have an influx of new people moving into our county from larger incorporated areas. These visitors and new residents are appalled at the large number of animals roaming our county that are in such debilitated shape. They pick them off the side of the road in the woods, at boat ramps, at hunting camps and come to BMAR with pleas of help for these animals that they can’t take back with them on 4 hour drives or keep at home without the knowledge of how to bring that dog/cat back into shape. Is this what we want people to think of our area?

BMAR has stepped up to the plate. We are changing animal care in our county and we are making a difference by offering hope.  BMAR is asking, no begging, for your help to continue and expand our efforts to change Sabine County animals from neglect to hope. Can you help?