Barking Mad Animal Rescue

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When you donate here, it's goes directly to the building fund!

2018 Restore - Rebuild - Repair  Save A Life

Special Thanks to Julia Burns, Kris Kelley, & Toni Kaminski who are invaluable to the rebuilding effort of this rescue!

The aftermath of a hurricane's wrath! September 2017

November 2017 It's a start! 

These items will be purchased by us & delivered to BMAR rescue facility. Every dollar is needed to pay for these items...very necessary to continue our rescue. Since Hurricane Harvey, we have borrowed $92,000 and have $45,000 in credit card debt to push forward with this rebuild and we have more to go! Our county does (& 2 surrounding ones) do not have shelters. We are the only option available. Please help us continue our work.


These kennels have been stretched to 5' X 20' --we have LARGE breed dogs! So the actual cost is a bit more!

The 5'X20' kennels are set on landscape timbers to keep them from rusting on the dirt. They are then covered with metal ag panels. Each run has a dog house and raised bed...when we can get them!

Fast acting. We use it for fence posts as well as lining the runs of the "diggers" 70 to a pallet. We need approximately 7 pallets at this time. We purchase this item locally at Tractor's Supply. When they are out, we purchase at Ritter's Lumber but they are slightly higher.


These panels are used on our maximum security containment units...and more importantly our exercise yards


Needed for panels to make exercise/play  runs attached to kennels

All Retriever Kennels and exercise area panels are built on these timbers to keep the metal off the ground and prevent deterioration.

We need several pallets = 400

Need 50 dog houses...32 for new runs  and 28 replacements for damaged ones. 
Need 50 dog houses.  This is the preferred one because it is insulated for winter cold AND summer heat. Due to cost factors, we settle for the barn homes.

We need these large bucket for our large canines! 80 are needed. I can buy them wholesale for $9.98 as opposed to retail for $12.99 and up.

Fortiflex Multi-Purpose Bucket is a heavy-duty feed and water bucket. Increased all-weather cracking resistance makes this container built stronger to last longer.

  • Single handle for portability
  • 8 qt. Capacity
  • Corrugated steel panel offers 24 inch of coverage with 1/2 inch rib height

  • Galvanized steel for strength. Dog run roofs need 192 for 32 run

  • Common: 2-in x 4-in x 8-ft; actual: 1.5-in x 3.5-in x 8-ft used for rafters to screw metal roofing on Retriever Kennels.

Braided steel tie wire used for securing panels to t-posts and securing wood rafters to metal Retriever Kennels.