Abby & Gail were matching sisters who wandered up on their own to our feed store in town. A friendly pair, we kept them in our drop off kennel for several weeks hoping that their owners would find them.  Alas, they had no one looking for them and BMAR finally came to the conclusion that they were set free on purpose. So they received their vaccinations, worming, and diet change and made their journey to the farm.

Both healthy girls, they grew and thrived in the farm environment. A large excercise pen became their home so they would not have to be separated. They loved their new diet and doubled their size in a few months.

To our horror, we found Gail deceased in her yard early one morning...the victim of an unforseen heart defect.  As the days wore on, Abby's grief deepened.  We finally found a compatible roommate for her and within days she was back to her happy and playful self.  Abby thrives on companionship...and loves to play. 

 Abby is available for adoption...any one out there who would like to give this girl a chance?  Abby needs a 6' fence as she has a tendency to jump shorter ones.  She's a little shy and takes her time to get to know a new human....but when she does, she's adorable.  She's currently housed with Bingo who is also available for adoption.

Time at Shelter:            4 years

Breed:                           Hunting Hound Mix

Sex:                               Female

Weight:                         50#

Breeding:                      Spayed

Location:                      Main Farm

Description:                 Adoption Fee is $100

Adoption fees range from an average of $57.50 to $500.00 for mixed breeds, designer breeds, and pure breeds. Prices are subject to change. This includes at least the first round of vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, spay/neuter,  fecal, and a Veterinary wellness exam. With the increased adoption fee this helps not only save one animal but it saves the lives of so many more. It allows us to be able to lower the adoption fee on the animals that have resided at the shelter for longer than 3 months. Remember adoption is a 15 year commitment. Please adopt responsibly.
We are No Kill - Please help!

Abby's Needs

1. Premium Kibble Diet.  Abby is on Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete (she requires a high fat diet) and half raw diet.

  a. Flaxseed & Wheat Germ Oil

  b. Coconut Oil

  c. Red Cell

  d. Raw Eggs

2. Flea Pill for 50+ pound dog.

3. Valbazen 3 day wormer -she's still young.

4. New Igloo Large Dog House before Winter.  She is short coated and sensitive skinned.

5. Toys & More Toys

6. Abby Loves All Natural Treats.

Can you sponsor Abby? She has been here 4 years...Abby needs help covering her expenses. You can sponsor her full amount of $100 or you can do a partial sponsor or $25, $50, or $75.  Anything helps us and Abby can continue to get her good food, flea pills, and treats!

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