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BMAR feeds over 200# per day of dry kibble.  We really need help with our feeding program.  So if you can spare a dime....now's the time to help out this rescue!

BMAR feeds over 5 cases of Canned Dog Food per day!

If you can't spare $13 per month for a 40# bag...how about $7..99 fora case of canned?

The Feed Lot

Dog Kibble -

We have a generous company benefactor -that I am not allowed to name - that is selling us Super Premium Dog Food at a reduced price...VERY reduced! This is one of the most wonderful things to ever happen for our nutrition program at the rescue! This dog food kibble - can't say the name - is grain free, holistic, has our required vitamins & supplements, very high end.  It sales for $55 per 28#. They are special bagging it for us in 40# bags @$12.25 plus delivery! We have to buy 80 bags at a time = $999.50.

Anybody in rescue knows how important this is.  Our intake dogs come in with horrible skin problems, emaciated, sensitive stomachs....all of these problems is the reason they are dumped/abandoned/abused.  They can't be put on cheap dog food. We now have a constant supply of premium dog food at an affordable rate!

We need help buying this food. Can you donate? Can you donate monthly? Become a pet food angel & get your name on our angel list!

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This is a $13 Button that will let you buy 1 bag of dog food every month! Put the name you want listed on this site as an Angel Donor!

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Sponsor Canned Food Once a Month for $7.99 & become a Feed Lot Angel

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