Found her forever home in Michigan! ADOPTED!

Hope is a 4 year old AKC registered Great Dane female.  She has been spayed.  While we don't know her full story or the particulars - by the time she came to us (through several owners at her young age), she was sadly neglected.  Severely underweight, depressed, lethargic, and with a slew of medical problems...well, we had our work cut out for us.  A very large, grown dog, with many problems...where do we start?

Well, we started making friends and teasing her into eating. The "eating part" was tricky...not knowing what shape her digestive track was in prompted us to start slowly with dry premium foods. She then graduated to part Fresh Pet.  With her appetite finally increasing, we started on her psychological disorders. Thank goodness Hope was receptive and learned to trust our friendly overtures.

 Now to work on her medical needs.  She was strong enough to worm, vaccinate, bathe and medicate.  Hope has a very bad skin condition, chronic diarrhea, and a large tumor on her foot.  We started on the diarrhea problem with holistic & natural remedies, like Pumpkin! Success came 3 months later and we now keep an eye on her, but so far, so good....even with the diet changes we have had to make. 

Next came the really bad skin condition.  Using coconut oil, both internally & externally, we now have a handle on it.  She has extensive scarring on large parts of her body. Future plans include veterinarian help.

The tumor will have to be removed soon.  It is growing larger and becoming irritated due to it's location.

Hope will need a lot more veterinarian care before adoption will be possible.  In the meantime, she has many needs.  Can anyone help with donations for help for Hope?


Hope has many upcoming vet bills that will be thousands of dollars. Can you please help by donating today?  Just mark the donation amount you choose and designate it for Hope's Medical Bills!   Thanks!

Hope's Needs
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1. Blankets for Winter

2. New Extra Large Dog House before Winter. 

3. Lead Rope

4. Feed Pans

5. Swimming Tank for her run.

6. Water Bucket  

7. 3 Month Flea Pill

8. Valbezan Wormer

9. Fly Spray

10. Toys - Toys - Toys!

11. All Natural Treats

12. OCRAW Dog Foods

13. Raw Beef, Chicken, Pork.

14 Supplements:  Vitamins, Flaxseed Oil, Glucosamine, Coconut Oil, Muscle Up, Red Cell, Wheat Germ Oil.

Dec 2016 Update

Hope is doing well and has made many new friends.  She has been with us 2 1/2 years. Sadly, no one has ever donated to Hope's care. Being a small rescue, we have not been able to afford the surgery required to remove the tumor on her foot.  While unsightly, it is not life threatening. It took sometime for her to trust a man again, due to the abuse but she has managed to overcome her fears and now adds men to her circle of friends. Hope can be adopted out to the right home...but she is a special needs girl and will be monitored.  We would never place Hope in a situation to be frightened again.  If you are the right forever home for Hope, give us a call and set up a time to meet her!