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Most of our rescues have sad stories.  BMAR takes the dogs that nobody else wants, special needs, medical needs, issues....  We pass up the cute easy ones...they have a chance and every one wants them. BMAR wants to repair the really damaged souls & bodies of the unwanted. We want to make them whole. We want them to know they matter! 


Sunshine 2 yr Lab Mix Female

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Scarla... 8 month Lab Mix

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Forest...5 yr Terrier Mix

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Please contact us for more info, intake pics, the whole sad story on these rescue babies.  Many of them had a hard life & came in very poor condition.  They all deserve a real chance....

Ace 5 yr Male Chihuahua

8# Spitfire and not dog friendly! Ace likes people!  He is heartworm positive & intact. Ace is rescue transfer only until neutered.  He must be treated for heartworms and is on the slow kill method.  Ace is not potty broke and tends to mark his territory inside and out, Ace was rescued from South Texas just minutes from being euthanized. He loves to be a lap dog & we really want to give him a chance. You can donate to Aces' stay here by clicking below,

AK 7 yr Rottie Mix Boy

Neutered Male rottie mix. This dog was pulled by another rescue that wouldn't keep him due to poor medical condition, This boy was sick. BMAR nursed him back to health, put weight on him, he has a great attitude and is ready for a foster to show him the ropes. He is neutered, utd on vaccinations but is hw+.  He probably has never been an inside dog, never socialized, never cared for.  Despite all this, he is people friendly and can be with other dogs with supervision and good introduction,

Audi 3 yr Lab Mix Boy

50# Happy Audi! Nuetered, HW neg, utd vaccinations. Loves people, good with other dogs.  Came in with his sidekick Jetta! Never been inside but very smart.  These 2 dogs came in without a hair between them, oozing sores, run down, lethargic & scared to death. They were so scared. Look at him now! Mange is cured but he is allergic to mites so must be on a flea pill to kill them. He does have Alopecia so some areas will never grow hair back! 

Brownie  2 yr Boxer mix Girl

Brownie came to us 7/17/2019 from Harris County with a badly broken leg. We fixed her up...and she is good as new! At 50#, she's a people loving handful.  Brownie is dog selective. We suspect that Brownie lived her whole life outside. Medium energy...she is ready for a savvy foster to teach her the ropes!  She is rescue transfer only until spayed! UTD on shots, hw neg, this is a beautiful bot tailed girl and ready for family life!  We really need sponsors for their stay here or you can donate below!

Bruce 3 yr male Catahoula mix hound

Bruce came from Harris County Shelter by way of Kendra's Kanines. He is a neutered boy & hw negative. At over 70#, Bruce is ready to give a lot of love to the right family! He is treat motivated.  He doesn't know how to live inside because he never had the opportunity.  He is not barrier aggressive and is fine with other dogs with a slow introduction.  He does not like to be jumped on...would you?  He is alert, active, people friendly. He had a bad start in life, went to a disreputable boarding facility, and finally came here where he received enough food, proper care and has just blossomed! Big healthy, strong boy and willing to learn! Please donate to his stay here!

Chico 2 yr Dane & Dobie boy

Chico is hw neg, utd on shots, neutered and a big boy! The pics don't show just how big this boy is... He is kid friendly (had his own toddler), has been around an old cat, potty broke, an inside boy, good car rider, high energy family dog! He was handraised and loved dearly...his family got deported and they made he heartbreaking decision to let BMAR find a home for him.  They felt that Mexico did not offer the resources needed to keep their boy safe! He has a longer story...ask us, we will fill you in!

Abraham...7+?? yrs Maltese Mix

Abraham was an abandoned dog. We have zero info on him other than what we know to be true....he is cute as a button!  Update:  He has received all his adult vaccines but tested positive for heartworms and has started his 30 days of doxy prior to slow kill program.  He is an intact male and is available for rescue transfer only until nuetered!

Chico I... 2 yr English Bull Dog 

This fine boy came to stay with us and is now ready for a home.  He is a nuetered male, hw-, and utd on shots.  He is a very friendly boy but he was sent to us because of issues that we have never encountered. Contact us for complete info and videos so we can see if he is a good fit for you!

Chase...7 yr German Shepherd

Chase was abandoned and came in with her half grown pup with a severely broken leg that had to be amputated.  She would not leave her injured pup behind and both were in very bad shape!  Skinny, hair falling out...that little pitiful leg on that pup with anxious mom trying to protect him... The pup was fixed and found a home right away.  Chase is constantly looked over.  She is rescue transfer only... when she is spayed we will consider adoption. She will be tested for hw.  She has some cosmetic issues because she was simply bred to darn much. But to us she is a beautiful sable, sweet girl!  She is not aggressive and would make a great pet. Contact us for the full pitiful story and more pics.

Clyde.. 2 yrs Black Mouth Cur

Clyde was dumped off as a puppy and has grown up here...sad! He always should have had a home to love him.  He is neutered, utd on shots, but he is hw+ and requires long term treatment or fast kill. About 50# he is an active young boy.  Clyde is currently housed with a pittie play mate. He is dog & people friendly! Handsome all around boy ready to play!

Dahlia II 5 yr Lab Mix

This little lab girl is very sweet,  She had a rocky start coming from the shelter and had some serious skin issues.  They are all better now! She is rescue transfer only until spayed. She is hw+ and needs slow treatment....or fast.  But hw treatment is a must! She is very sweet and all medical issues have been tended and she is a beauty. Dahlia needs a home....she is so sweet. Please consider being her hero....contact us for more pics and info.

Dayton under 2 yrs Weimaraner mix

Cruelty Case - Confiscated to keep from getting shot.  Powerful boy and he is not for the faint hearted.  He is very strong. Dayton has never been inside. Was loose on a ranch type area and mistreated. Barely fed and no interaction.  We have found him to be freindly, high energy, dog selective. He ran loose with other dogs in his former home but was beat on pretty bad which has made him difficult to introduce to other dogs.  Rescue transfer only. He has a lot of vet work to complete and will update this info. He will take a special handler and needs training. He hasn't had much in the way of a life...are you the one to give him his chance?  He is a beautiful dog...well muscled with a satin coat.

Duke 3 1/2 yr old lab/hound mix

Extremely neglected with multiple injuries. Transferred to us from another rescue.  He has fear issues...once he knows you he is fine. Rescue transfer only. This is a beautiful dog with trust issues.  He is a great prospect for an experienced dog handler.  Contact us for more info. if you think you have what it takes to be a dog whisperer...this good looking boy is the one for you!

Fawna  3 yr Lab/Terrier Mix

This pretty little girl is from Kendra's Kanines....she came to us starving...and has never missed a meal since.  Fawna is very friendly and ready to go to a foster for one on one inside loving!  Probably better if she is only dog...she has shown no aggression here but we have no idea what her life was prior to the shelter!  Very people friendly! Young girl with lots of life left to give to a new family!

Atlas 3 yr boxer/terrier mix

Have no idea why they clipped this fine boys ears! Was it to make him look mean? 'Cause he isn't!  This sweet boy was picked up as a stray by a kill shelter and was in really bad shape, infections everywhere, emaciated, loaded with parasites...you name it, he had it and of course, heartworm Positive.  He has been treated for all his infections, put his weight back on and is a fine handsome boy!  We had him neutered.  He will need heartworm treatment.  Message us for before and after pictures!