Scarla   Intake Arrival

Looking Better a few weeks Later!

Scarla came to us last October 2019 reportedly hit by a car and left to fend for herself. She was shy and had to be lured in...and then plopped in a tiny shelter with little hope of leaving.  Dedicated volunteers contacted BMAR and made arrangements to bring this injured baby to us.  Scarla must have been dragged by the vehicle.  Her limping was due to a fractured limb and had been left unattended so long it had healed improperly.  And of course the peeled off skin was not seen to and healed folded over...that was pretty awful and we know it hurt her...but we did have to treat to prevent infection.  Scarla was shy and scared and stand offish to be sure.  But with a regular meal and intensive wound treatment we quickly became friends!  

Scarla has all her shots and she is heartworm negative.  Mange is gone and most of her pretty shiny black coat is coming back...she looks so much better!  Scarla will walk with a slight limp the rest of her life and she will need to be on joint supplements as she ages.  It is the woes of being a street stray ....but she is rescued now! 

Scarla is dog friendly & has made friends.  She currently shares a kennel with a basset mix named Cookie!  Scarla doesn't chase barn cats....would not quite trust her with chickens though!  You know that lab part might just get the better of her good judgement when it comes to poultry!  

Scarla was a street stray before being trapped & put in a shelter.  Kindness works miracles after all the abuse this baby has been through at such a young age. As with all labs...she is very smart and affectionate. Labs make the best family dogs and this youngster is no exception. We know she will be a great family member!

Scarla is rescue transfer only until we can get her spayed! We could sure use a sponsor for her spay and a monthly sponsor for her stay here!   Food, heartworm prevents, flea pill, potty pads, wormer & other supplies mount up!   PLEASE consider donating for Scarla!  Remember to click on "make it monthly"!