Sponsor A Senior's Stay!  You can sponsor your favorite senior using  this button for any amount you choose! Be sure and comment which senior you picked!


Our seniors are a needy bunch. They have come to stay with us to be cherished for the remainder of their lives.  Besides the monthly upkeep: special food, bedding, flea/heartworm program, grooming supplies - They have extensive medical needs. Crippled, Cancer, Tumors, Skin, Needed surgeries, Dental, Diabetes, Arthritus...all of the ailments that we experience! The minimum monthly upkeep for 1 senior averages $75/month and that is without the needed meds. On our sponsor program you can donate monthly what you can afford! $5, $10, any amount! All is needed, all is appreciated! Sponsor amounts will be listed for each of our dogs and we thank you!

Here are some of our needy wards...