Barking Mad Animal Rescue

         Spay & Neuter for Pet's Sake!

Dehart Veterinary Services Mobile Clinic is coming to Hemphill!

Our rescue has over 40 dogs & cats that need to be spayed or neutered to make them ready for adoption. Can you help us? Please consider donating to the spay & neuter fund for BMAR and help us get these pets placed for adoption. Every little penny helps us achieve this goal. Thanks if you can spare a dime...we need it!

If you would like to subscribe and donate monthly...use the button to the right!

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Barking Mad Animal Rescue   685 Mann St  Hemphill Tx 75948    409-457-6495

Next Dates:  July 28, August 25, September 22

Dehart Veterinary Services  - Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic


Low Cost Spay/Neuter and 

Pet Wellness Clinics

903-590-7722 or 903-312-6422 to schedule Spay or Neuter Appointments



Low Cost Spay/Neuter and Pet Wellness Clinics

We offer our services to the general public in the hopes of decreasing pet overpopulation. 

Surgery is by appointment only

Dogs must come on a leash or in a carrier.  Cats must come in a carrier

  Pick up is generally between 3-4, but specific time is told at check in @ 9 AM

Wellness clinics are from 10-3p No appointment is needed   No sick or injured pets

Must have a current heartworm test to dispense heartworm medication or be less than 6 months old



Female dogs $70 Male dogs $60

Female cats $50 Male cats $40

Dental with spay/neuter    $40

Dental without spay/neuter   $70

In heat (dogs only) $5

Pregnant $10-20

Pyometra $25

Cryptorchid $15/testicle

Umbilical hernia $15

Rear dewclaws $15

Deciduous teeth $5/tooth

Nail trim    $5

Bloodwork $10/$45

Wellness Clinic:

Dog Annual –

Rabies, DAPP, Bordetella, HWT    $60 1y/$65 3y

Just shotsRabies, DAPP, Bordetella    $45 1y/$50 3y

Puppy Packages – Vaccines, dewormer, HW pill

First round         $25

Second round $35

Third round (incl. rabies)    $45

Trifexis with Puppy Package  + $10

Revolution <5# + $12

Cat Annual –

Rabies, FRCVP, Feline Leukemia   $55 1y/$60 3y

Kitten packages – Vaccines, dewormer

First round $25

Second round $45

Third round (incl. rabies)  $55

Comfortis with Kitten Package + $10

Revolution <5# + $12

Wellness Clinic:

Rabies only    $12 1y/$17 3y

DAPP only      $15

Bordetella only      $20

Leptosporosis      $8

FRCVP only $20

Feline Leukemia only $25

Heartworm test      $20

Microchip  $20/$15 w/package

Dewormer (does not do tapeworms) $5 

Nail trim       $7-$10

FIV/FeLV    $28

Ear mite treatment    $5

Tapeworm Treatment $15

Tri-Dewormer(Dogs)    $20

Fecal $10

Contact Us

Call or text 903-590-7722


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