Barking Mad Animal Rescue

         Spay & Neuter for Pet's Sake!

Sponsors! Can we add your name here?

Current Rescues needing sponsors for their stay. Can you help? Your donations can be monthly or just 1 time!

Some need extensive vet work or just simple getting up to date stuff...or even spay/neuter. Annual basic shot & rabies $60. Bordatella $20. Heartworm test $20. Microchip $20. Smart tags...$30. Dewormer $15 x 2.  Fecal $10.  Trifexis $21. Dental $70  Spay $70 Neuter $60 AND this is just the basics....Just think what our costs are when they are really injured, emaciated, mange, respiratory infections..

Monthly "stay" sponsors are so needed...food, supplements, bedding, toys, treats...all keeps them healthy and happy!

 If you can help, they need it! Just indicate which dog you want to sponsor and what you want to pay for. Thanks for all the help you give and thanks for helping our furbabies stay until they find that forever home!

Sponsor Monthly Amounts

This button is for monthly subscriptions to support the dog of your choice. If you don't have a favorite..we will apply to the most needy!

This button is for one time only, any amount, and please note which dog you wish to apply to!