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About Us

We are the people who....

Take the dogs that nobody else wants... We don't have cute dogs. We have the dogs that need us. That have no hope. No where to go. The reasons are many. We do not cherry pick...we take whoever needs us and we deal with the reasons when they get here.

We are the ones that crawl into the kennels with them and curl up so they know they are not alone.

We are the ones that hand feed a tortured soul too starved to eat.

We are the ones that hold a broken body down and medicate, causing more pain, but do it for the healing of a soul.

We are the ones that stroke naked, scabbed over, leathered hide so that they can feel the human kindness they crave so badly.

We are the ones that brave the snarls, growls, the bites to show them that we care enough to pull them to safety.

We are the ones that cry our tears into lifeless hold them for their last breathes so that they don't go alone.

We are the ones that walk by their sides until their perfect place is found...perfect is the only thing acceptable for our rescued babies.

We are the ones that lose a piece of our hearts everytime one leaves our care....a part of us always goes with them. Always.

Our Team

CJ Barrilleaux


Myron Badger

Vice President 

Justin Barrilleaux



Find The Next Chapter of Your Life Here

You can change a dog's life for ever! Be that were made to rescue!

Barking Mad Animal Rescue

 525 Jordan Lane

Hemphill, TX 75948

1 (409) 457-6495



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