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Bruno & Bertha were abandoned seniors that came in hairless with flea bites, emaciated, heartworm positive and dejected. They have now been treated for heartworms & have a 12 month proheart injection (means they don't need prevents for 1 year), all vaccines, spay/neuter and fed! Hair is back too! These are stately dogs...they deserved better. Special arrangements are made for seniors so please contact us!

Milo has basic obedience training. HKnows sit, stay, will shake (most times). Goes to kennel on command, tbut much happier cuddling in bed or couch with his person. He struggles with not jumping & with mouthing, but is very easy to redirect. Yak cheese keeps him occupied, he adores chasing chuck its, and his favorite thing is to run off leash in fields, and sometimes take a dip in a lake. He’s also great on his harness and leash, no pulling. Ask for more photos...we have some!

Willie and Molly are a bonded pair.  While Willie loves everybody and every dog....Molly only has eyes for Willie!  Willie was born without his front leg so he doesn't know any different...nothing hold Willie back from living life to the fullest!  They need to go it's going to take a special family to fall in love with these babies!

I'On hold due to medical

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