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Pre Adoption Information

To be considered as an adopter, you must:

Be 21 Years of age or older

If you rent your home you must have consent from your landlord to have a dog

Have all dogs and cats in the home spay or neutered if they are 6 months or older.

Have all dogs/cats in the home up to date on vaccinations

Agree to have a home visit done by one of our volunteers. The volunteer will need to see the area of the home where the dog will be allowed and also visit with family members and current pets. Distance is a factor in whether or not the required home visit can be completed. We are a 100% volunteer run organization. Although we do have volunteer contacts in many areas, some areas may be difficult for us to locate a volunteer to conduct the home visit. We will let you know ASAP if your application needs to be denied due to our inability to find a volunteer to conduct the home visit.

You must also agree to the following conditions included in the adoption contract:

Agree to spay/neuter the dog/cat within 1 month of adoption or the date specified on the adoption contract (at age 4 months for puppies)...All pets over the age of 4 months are already spayed and/or neutered. Due to policy changes, we can no longer adopt out pets that are unaltered.

Be able & willing to spend time/money necessary to provide training, medical treatments and proper care for the entire lifetime of the pet.

Provide the dog a collar and nametag to be worn at all times.

Never allow the dog to be unleashed on public streets, parks, etc. and never transport in the back of an open truck without proper harnessing or crate.

Allow dog to sleep indoors and be part of the family.

Never allow dog to be left unattended with young children.

Never chain tie dog outside unattended for more hours than the law allows. Dogs may be tethered for exercise only...must not "live" on tethers.

All dogs must be in fenced yard and be provided shelter from the elements.

BMAR is an all (unpaid) volunteer organization. For each application we receive, it takes approximately 4 hours to review, contact all personal and veterinary references, and make a decision on approval.

An approved application means that the applicant is approved to adopt a dog from our rescue. It is not a guarantee that the applicant will be allowed to adopt the dog specified on the application.

For more information about the adoption process, please read our ADOPTION PROCESS EXPLAINED.

To continue with application process click HERE to indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to the above.

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