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Our Mission

Goal: The building of additional animal kennels, containment, equipment, supplies, and adequate shelter.        
Goal: To bring low cost spay & neuter to the low income families of the county. To educate people about spay & neuter benefits to their         pets & community.   Assist the needy with spay & neuter for their pets.
Goal: To review, obtain, enforce and enact animal welfare laws for Sabine County.

Goal: We seek out additional opportunities for volunteers to provide an enriched social environment for sheltered animals.

Goal: We recruit and train volunteers.   We actively seek foster families to provide animals in need with out-of-the-shelter care.

Goal: Return of lost pets to families. We have organized a volunteer base & network dedicated to pursuing the owners of lost pets and           finding lost pets for their owners.

Goal: We will attempt to initiate a micro chipping program at low or no cost to owners to further this effort.  We would like to obtain            and gift scanners & readers to various outlets within the county to help identify lost pets.

Goal: Raise citizen awareness with regard to sharing our lives with pets by providing proper shelter, containment, vet care, pest                  control and nutrition. 

Goal: BMAR assists the elderly, displaced, & economically depressed residents with food, wormers, & medications enabling them to        .      keep their pets during hospital stays & loss of wages/lay offs.

Goal: Provide suitable canines for service training for veterans and disabled residents. 

Goal: Develop a positive, visible presence in the community.

Goal: Provide life time care for "unadoptable" senior pets in a quality environment.

Our Motto

We strive toward the day when no healthy or treatable  companion animal will be euthanized for lack of space or other resources.



Provide all cats and dogs that become the shelter’s property with standard vaccinations, a microchip, grooming, flea treatment, dewormers and screening test. Stray dogs receive bordatella on intake.

Provide quality care for rabbits, other small mammals, reptiles, birds and livestock by ensuring proper feeding, exercise and housing.

Reduce stress for shelter cats and dogs

Improve the quality and quantity of Shelter adoptions

About Us

Barking Mad Animal Rescue was incorporated in December of  2014 and received it's IRS letter of determination.
BMAR is a "No-Kill" animal rescue serving Sabine County Texas. Currently, Sabine County does not have an animal shelter or SPCA operating within it's boundaries. This leaves the county's animals in dire straights: neglected, dumped off, and animal cruelty is ignored due to lack of  funding and/or knowledge of problems.  We hope to serve the animals of Sabine County by bringing change and education to the community. 
BMAR is funded by the Badger family and donations -receiving no government funding or assistance. BMAR has no paid employees and is run by volunteers.
The rescue is located on a 25 acre farm in the Sabine National Forest. An "out of the way" dog friendly environment, the farm allows us to house multiple dogs and other animals without bothering neighbors.  The ample space allows us to exercise and socialize the large breed dogs and let them romp! Adoptions are by appointment so that we can insure the animals safety and yours!
BMAR not only houses and cares for a multitude of animals, we but we also donate food, meds, and various supplies to needy families enabling them to keep their pets. BMAR provides drive by feeding and care for the elderly during hospital visits and when needed. BMAR participates in community activities and actively promotes pet adoptions at community events.
BMAR intervenes and brings awareness to animal cruelty and abuse whenever necessary and is at the forefront of pushing awareness of the problem in our county.